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You deserve to see the awesome wonders of the world! You deserve to set foot on magical places that you have only read in travel books and magazines! You deserve to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

Best of all, you deserve to enjoy these holidays without straining your financial capacity.

travel holiday
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Say goodbye to the notion that travel is only for the rich, affluent, and famous. Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget lets you enjoy the holiday you’ve always wanted cheaply and with less hassle. Our network of experienced travel services providers can help you book the right carriers and hotels, formulate a sound itinerary, set up a realistic but affordable budget, contact reputable tour guides—virtually everything you need to enjoy a dream holiday.

If you’re a backpacker, then Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget is your perfect online stop for cost-saving trips. Get in touch with providers who specialise in budget travel. Be updated on the latest promos on airline fares and hotel rates. Find out hostels, pension houses, bed-and-breakfasts, homestays, and other cheap accommodations that welcome budget travelers with open arms.

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Champagne Travel on a Beer Budget is a comprehensive online resource site for those who want to explore the world with limited financial capacity. Simply browse through the website to find travel how-to’s, articles, and tips on how you can extend your budget while you are out there. Be updated with budget travel trends, news, who’s who, insights, and life lessons that can help make you a better, more accomplished, and happier traveler without thinking too much on the cost it entails.

Budget travel is in, costly trips are out. Pack your bags, and dare to explore the world.