Travel style

Want to step off the plane looking like you’ve been luxuriating in first class when the reality is you’ve been cramped back in economy?

Read on for a selection of tips on travel style from those who do it well:

Lisa Bjorksten gets the inside secrets from one of those impossibly polished Emirates air attendents at Beauty Addict

Anna Soref gives the low-down on in-flight Ayurvedic beauty tips at The Yoga Journal

Michelle Johnson delivers practical advice in Frequent Flyer Fashion – arrive at the airport in style

Glamping – everything you need to know

This upscale, stylish take on what is traditionally a very budget-conscious way to holiday is becoming increasingly popular as modern travellers focus more on unique experiences with luxurious touches than just your run-of-the-mill hotel or resort experience.

Glamping has all the hallmarks of traditional camping – the wilderness, isolation and sleeping under the stars, minus uncomfortable camping mattresses, eating beans from a can and a lack of showers.

Basically, glamping is camping for the jet set and if you’re keen to see it at its best you need to get yourself to one of the following hot glamping destinations:

Longitude 131, Northern Territory, Australia.

Longitude 131 accommodates its guests in elevated luxury tents which boast features such as air-conditioning, mini bars and BOSE sound systems.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, British Columbia, Canada.

Offers remote-controlled propane wood- stoves, antique dressers and tea tables, heirloom china and silver accessories and wireless internet access in their ‘tents’.

Paperbark Camp, New South Wales, Australia.

Glamps it up with candle-lit dinners and ‘in-tent’ massages.

But if you’re truly a budget traveller in every sense of the word and these glamping options exceed your budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t add some style to your next camping adventure. For some DIY glamping, don’t forget to pack a few little luxuries along with your tent and fold-out chair.

My picks for the little extras that can turn your camping into glamping would include:

Champagne (no surprises there) – adds a bit of glamour to any situation.

Sun lounges – not your usual camping gear but for something that doesn’t take up much more room in the car than a fold-out chair they add a resort-like feel to your modest camping trip.

Gourmet camping recipes – camp fire cooking can extend far beyond baked beans without a great deal more effort. Try camp recipes for meals such as Mostaccioli with Prosciutto and Pine Nuts.

What are your thoughts and ideas on adding glamour to your camping experience?

What is intelligent luxury?

Champagne travellers appreciate life-changing travel which enables them to experience different cultures with touches of style and luxury. As opposed to generic package tours and dime-a-dozen itineraries, savvy travellers are searching for sensory stimulation that doesn’t insult their intelligence.

What is this new travel philosophy? Intelligent travel.

The National Geographic ‘Intelligent Travel’ blog defines it as such:

‘Intelligent Travel is about exploring the intersection of authentic and sustainable travel. We want to showcase the essence of place, what’s unique and original, what locals cherish most about where they live’.

For this champagne traveler, ‘Intelligent Luxury’ is all about bypassing travel that includes generic experiences focused on making sure that you are constantly surrounded with the familiar, such as chain resorts that look and feel exactly the same in every country they are located.

To travel and immerse yourself (or at least dip your feet) in another culture is a luxury in itself (when you consider that the majority of the world’s population will never see the inside of an airplane). To be able to do so with touches of style & luxury whilst still allowing for an authentic experience of the local culture is true intelligent luxury.

So, don’t turn your brain off when you plan your next adventure, travel with style but be open to the unique adventures and experiences of the location you are journeying to, as that is what makes travel the life-changing experience that it is.